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How To Get Your Life Together In Just Five Steps


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we need tools in place to not only keep us on track but keep everything organized. Getting your life together is no easy task, but with the perfect planner, it is as easy as writing it all out. 

You need a clear head, your favorite playlist and a planner that works with you to help you get everything done.

1. Start with your to-dos for the day 

So, we know that organization starts with a planner to get all of those goals and to-dos down for the day! And whilst, we all aspire to be incredibly organized, sometimes it’s just not that easy, cue The Getting Things Done Planner. Its best quality is that it brings everything going on in your life to one place. It’s just not about meeting notes, and top to-dos for the day but a place where you can bring your personal life and your work life together. It’s designed to help you get sh*t done - especially if you’ve been feeling a little chaotic recent (and trust us we’ve been there), the only thing that will help you get back on track is by seeing it all in front of you.

2. Try bullet journaling 

You can try different methods to organize your life, whether you're the kind of girl who scribbles everything down or someone who prefers to be more organized. Bullet journaling can work any way you want it to, you can use a bullet point to denote a task, a cross to mark a task that's been completed and an arrow to migrate your task to another day. Some people take bullet journaling to the next level with shaded squares and a key to decode what each symbol needs. You can even use stickers to mark out your tasks for the day.

3. Log your food

We all have those busy days in the office, where you don’t have time to think about lunch, let alone what you’re putting into your body. But whilst you sit down at the start of the day and start filling out your action points, the right-hand page reminds you of all of those things. It asks you then and there, what are you having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and even what you plan on snacking on. You can also track your water intake throughout the day, which is super important! And something that I find so easy to forget, but now, every time I look down at my planner, it’s right there, reminding me to drink more.

4. Keep up with your finances

The expenses section means you can keep track of another aspect of your life that can easily fall out of control. I know it helps me from reckless spending, as I write out what I need to buy that day and what I need to spend - there’s no room for splurging, especially when there’s Christmas to save for!

5. Never miss a date

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s the power of writing it down. It’s not just about remembering your appointments but means you’re more like to commit to them. That’s why I like my planner to ask as a personal assistant, which it does. The final section; personal notes are perfect for adding in these important details. It’s thought about everything for me, which takes the pressure away from trying to remember it all. All you have to do is just write it down, and the Getting Things Done Planner takes care of the rest.

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