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How To Organize And Decorate Your Planner


Organizing and decorating a planner can be one of my favorite things to do. Organizing by color, name, and event, can be really satisfying to do but also the relief you feel after is a godsend. Having an organized planner can leave you feeling like you have a much more organized and beautiful mind. From grocery lists to your daily goals we're here to tell you how you can organize and decorate your planner to your heart's content.

1. Choose a planner that fits your needs

Start with a blank page, or choose a planner that has sections clearly marked for you. There are hundreds of variations but the Getting Things Done planner is the best if you love to organize your entire life. You can write all your to-dos and get creative on one side, and spend time planning out your personal life from meals to water intake and personal notes. It's the kind of planner you need if you've been looking to get your life together and is the perfect one for daily organization.

2. Color code

Use color coding to help you organize your daily and monthly schedules. But also the use of the color will help to decorate and make your planner look pretty.  Try using softer highlighters in pastel tones to make your planner less offensive than the typical neon yellows. You can also use different color page flags which direct you to certain key points and emphasize the need of certain topics. Color coding can help to organize conflicting work and leisure activities, making your planner much more visually effective.

3. Motivational stickers

Grab some stickers to help motivate you to stay on task. If you are having a bad day or you are suddenly hit with the urge to procrastinate. You can look down and stay motivated to stay on task. This can also help to emphasize certain bullet points and draw your attention to upcoming birthdays in your calendar!

4. Accessorize

To make sure you are on track in your planner, use helpful accessories such as clip on's and bookmarks. You can get some really beautiful accessories for your planner. If your planner looks as beautiful as the Getting Things Done planner you might only need to add things like printed tape inside. You can also buy bookmarks, covers, and other things to make sure your planner looks amazing.